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Custom Designs

Online FORUM -- For ‘online discussions’ sites, enabling communication in a stylish and engaging way!
Responsive, Professional, Scalable, Extensible

Online FORUM -- For ‘online discussions’ sites, enabling communication in a stylish and engaging way!

A FEATURE-RICH Web Application package designed for ‘online discussions’ websites, enabling community communication in a stylish and engaging way. More packages and custom work provided upon request.

BASIC package features include:

  • Post new topics and reply to existing topics
  • Start a new poll or vote/comment on an existing one
  • Supports multiple languages/translations – OPTIONAL!
  • Upload user avatar
  • Control upload filetypes and sizes
  • User rankings
  • Topic ratings
  • Smiley support
  • Mark all posts as ‘Read’
  • Show recent posts
  • Show unanswered posts
  • Show unread posts
  • Report abuse/offensive posts
  • Censor bad words
  • File/image attachments (popup or instant style)
  • Limit storage space for users
  • Subscribe to thread
  • Subscribe to forum/board
  • Auto-subscribe following post/reply
  • Auto-subscribe moderators and admins
  • Email notifications for subscribers
  • Display userlist and usermap (using Google Maps)
  • Display who is online
  • Display number of user posts
  • Display most active users
  • Display forum stats
  • Generate RSS feeds (category, forum or topic)
  • Post announcements
  • Configure forum rules page
  • Provide quick-jump navigation
  • Allow guest posts and polls
  • Social bookmarks

Editor Features

  • BBCode support
  • Insert images and attachments/files
  • Insert links
  • Embed videos from over 25 video sharing services (YouTube, Vimeo, etc...) as well as WMV, FLV, MOV and other popular online video formats.
  • Smileys
  • Spoiler-tag support
  • Hide-tag support
  • Code-tag support
  • Quote-tag support
  • Highlight-tag support
  • Adjust font size and color
  • Apply common font styles (italic, bold, superscript, subscript, underline, strikethrough)
  • Apply paragraph justification and indents
  • Insert common style elements (tables, ordered lists, unordered lists, horizontal rules)
  • Insert links/URLs for web sites, images and email addresses
  • Preview Posts

Permissions and Moderation

  • Independent access control system
  • Create and customize user groups
  • Customize roles on a per-group basis for guests, members, moderators and admins
  • Assign moderators to specific forums
  • Sticky topics
  • Scheduled forum closings
  • Allow post deletion and post editing by moderators/admins
  • Close or delete threads as required
  • Move threads to different forums
  • Move individual posts
  • Merge posts
  • Block users via username, email and/or IP address
  • Warn users and auto-assign warning points
  • Auto-ban users with adjustable time based on warning points
  • Manually ban users

Profile Display

  • Display ‘My Posts’
  • Manage ‘About Me’ essay
  • Show subscribed threads and forums
  • Show ‘My Attachments’
  • Hide/show birth date
  • Hide/show gender
  • Create and preview signature (with BBCode support: images, attachments, etc...)
  • Manage avatar
  • Personalize options when viewing post content (toggle smiley icons, signatures, avatars, images, and signature images) as well as displaying posts in a thread in reverse chronological order (newest first) and the number of threads/posts to display per-page.
  • Display gallery of uploaded images
  • Manage latitude and longitude of user location (for display on the Google user map)
  • Manage attachments
  • Preview own profile view

ITprosNET.com ONLINE FORUM CMS Web Application is highly professional, scalable and extensible to address all your future requirements and demands as your forum grows.


  • Multilingual Support - enables multi-lingual sites. Get listed in foreign search engines and target foreign visitors!
  • Advanced Traffic and Visitor Statistics with FULL Monitoring and Reporting
  • Search engine friendly URLs for better search engine rankings
  • On-site Facebook-like Community - Search engines ‘love’ FRESH CONTENT
  • On-site BLOG Design - Search engines ‘love’ FRESH CONTENT
  • Private Messaging Platform

And much more extras upon request.

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